Belly Dance Fusion 💃🏽✨

This weekend August 25th I will be a guest at one of my best soul friends new dance workout format, Belly Dance Fusion. I will be there as my avatar, Audri the Alchemist to deliver advice about what the stars and the ebbs and flows of energy possibly have in a store for you. I will also be offering Sage Goddess flash tattoos for donation, and mind-body-soul balancing bath salts to soak your wonderfully sore body after such a great workout. The dance class is a blast! I have personally enjoyed Aaron Davis’s format in dance cardio over the years. There is absolutely no experience required. I promise you will have such a fun time. There was a great turnout last month, and if it grows we will do this monthly!

Can I also mention there will be some serious Full moon in Pisces energy that night. Pisces is the water sign of dreams and psychic abilities. There is a notable increase in artistic or creative energy that you can work with. Bring those wants and intentions to this cardio dance class and fuel your creative and dreamy desires. I can help you acknowledge the goddess you are within. I will have tools you can work with to help. Personally I feel in combination with the sun in Virgo amplifying the need to prioritize and organize my dreamworld which can help boost successes and positive synchronicities including my invitation to this event. I can’t wait to bring my magic.

I’ll be honest, I feel I am not strong physically then what I know I can be. As much as it is part of my routine to workout, it hasn’t been my priority as I have taken on a corporate part time job. Lack of time and a new routine has definitely set my workout schedule off. It’s real life and I am dedicated to getting back on track (thank you Virgo!). Audri the Alchemist is my super fun @caligypsea avatar that fuels my creative soul. Dancing will help me activate my chakras that have had been inactive due to all the new changes. I’ll get a great workout too! The sun is entering Virgo, which is the sign of organization, order, routine, nurturing, and feminine energy. I need to realign my mind-body-soul balance. Therefore, I am excited to be part of this new project of a great friend who understands kundalini awakening and chakra activation. I’m ready to dance, flow and feel August 25.

Come casual and to dress in active comfortable clothes. You are allowed to bring snacks and drinks. Come open hearted and ready to receive a new friend community. Donations are appreciated for any services/advice or consultations I am readily able to provide you.

BellyDance Fusion

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