Q- How do you make a living? How do you know all this information? Do you sell crystals online? How can I incorporate crystal healing in my practice?

I’m actually a personal trainer/yoga instructor/swim coach for a living. I have always had this love for crystals but only recently have I stepped into my own. I’ve always found that when I train my clients, working with crystals happens to always be brought up when I speak about mind-body-soul wellness. I’m a total nerd when it comes to crystal collecting. I love discussing the energies and how they influence our energy field, our spirit. This is just a way for me to support the spiritual wellness of my clients by providing suggestions from a trusted and high quality source of magical tools. My life purpose is to help as many people as I can and want to reach more people online. Unfortunately online personal training is so over-done and the market is saturated. I would love to develop a unique online course on how to balance mind-body-soul. This particular project is in development and all preliminary. As for my brand of personal training I personally show up and train clients within Long Beach and surrounding areas. I’m proud of being a personal trainer and that is how I make a living.
I have studied crystals and gems both from a scientific and metaphysical perspectives throughout my life. Currently I am in a new learning phase and implementing my knowledge of magic and alchemy to help others. Times are hard right now. The people who are conscious and of the light need to bond together and uplift each other. We all have magical powers that we need to tap into. Soon I would hope to host gem parties for my community so that I can rally others towards the light and make people smile.
I have been taking an online course on unique gems from SageGoddess. Every month we learn about a new ancient civilization and how they used herbs and incenses, gems and and ancient magical rituals. We are learning about the ancient mayans his month. This week focus is the online gemwise Course. I’ve really began to level up. After this year I will have a certification proving I completed a year of magic studies from cultures around the world.
And here is a link to Dr. Athenas free gem basics classes online on YouTube.
As a student, I’m allowed the unique ability to  generate special links to direct my recommendations to the site. That’s how I provide suggestions about what I think might be best for my clients. If my friends, clients friends or random people in social media click and buy from the site I earn a small commission. It’s been neat to do this because it’s been enough to buy gemstone kits to help support my colleagues in medical camp during festivals. I just ask for a small donation and it’s been really nice to get a little $ here and there. I also have been able to gift stones too! It’s like a really neat feedback loop because it’s just magic! It’s just a little side job while I’m a student of magic and ritual through Sage Goddess. After I finish I get a certification and the ability to continue to generate links.
Here is the gemstone basic kit that I personally earned that can in turn help my friends and my festival family. And it has!
I love how beautifully written each description of each stone listed on the site. Dr. Athena, she is such a storyteller and is a author of some upcoming books about everything from chakras to ancient civilizations. She has online classes that I’ve been learning rituals from a different civilization each month.
Like I said… I’m a total nerd about crystals, energy, alchemy. You can ask me anything about Astrology and crystals. It’s just all a fun conversation to me.

If you are a healer that practices Reiki, massage, meditation, yoga etc you might find the correlation natural. I would even urge you to set up a Free affiliate account, no courses necessary, through Sage Goddess just to earn commissions off of your generated links that you send directly to your trusting clients. If you have a wide and large following online, you might find it easier to recommended items to more people at once. The shop is always evolving and getting new and exciting limited items. You could hardly get bored with the memes and images available for your use in social media.

Blending your normal job with your passion of crystals might not seem at all related. For example my healer friend works with kids. How could she incorporate kid friendly lessons? I believe it is fundamental that children learn about the earth and its natural history. It might take some brainstorming, but you could be introducing gem kits like this to your kids for discovery play. As a Holistic Healer you get discounted prices on items and kits. There are ways that the universe will line up if you feel that this being a gem gypsy is your calling.

Love and Light


Audri is now currently seeking those who are interested in coaching towards how to build a gem gypsy business. Signing up through Sage Goddess as an affiliate is necessary to earn commissions. Use Ref #646 at checkout to be part of my team of lightworkers. 

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