Audri the Alchemist


To my Clients:

I was equipped with many skills on my path towards becoming a professional holistic healer. I believe I am constantly evolving in my practice but the pillars of how I coach have always remained the same. Ever since I began my career as a personal trainer I always strived to balance Mind-Body-Soul. I guide and coach my clients through their transformation to get to a point of balance. Once a sense of balance is perceived they can find success in obtaining goals.


I train with this most important philosophical balance. Training Mind-Body-Soul has been my core value and I have been helping clients transform this way all along.

Have I ever discussed sound and crystal healing, astrology, acupuncture, meditation, yoga with you, or coached you on how to balance your chakras?
My mission has always been to help and inspire as many people as possible. You can visit my webpage and explore what I have created. The menu also includes testimonials. You can read my blog and follow my stories. I also have began expanding my creative endeavors, and seeking in depth metaphysical education as a Holistic Healer through Sage Goddess.
Sage Goddess is the largest magical shop in LA. In the past I took many clients to this location to find something that called to them. Currently I am taking courses through SG that help support my development in crystal and energetic healing. I am gaining knowledge about crystal healing throughout ancient history and will be certified through Sage Goddess by the end of the year. You can visit the online magical shop by clicking this link (Please enter 646 at checkout so that you can help support my practice in crystal healing.)
I want to offer you the first chance to schedule a Mind-Body-Soul session. I have just recently acquired the ability to see you for a DISCOUNTED wellness evaluation.

Current Price List

Mind-Body-Soul Balance Training- Intro

This is the beginning of your transformation. Are you feeling unbalanced? Are you needing a fresh and positive new way of conducting your life? Do you need to build happy and healthy new habits? I will come to you with my expertise in Fitness, Astrology, and other healing modalities to develop a customized program and plan to help you achieve what you want out of life! ** Assessment bodywork is included


Crystal Healing and Chakra Alignment

This type of healing is established after a thorough mind-body-soul assessment during and introduction session to allow Audri to prepare and hold space for you. Audri will include any healing modalities that resonated with your particular energy and personal preference. Light bodywork can and will be included if it is necessary for your particular program.


Mind-Body-Soul Balancing and Chakra Alignment

This is a committed program to help you develop new and lasting habits and rituals to raise your vibrations! When you raise your vibration, you can attract substantial positivity and success in your life. . . . The total package price includes 4 sessions (valued at $87.50 each) and $50+ worth of magical tools that Audri will hand pick and deliver to you on a weekly session and as needed basis. This is the most PERSONAL of all the programs (even fitness programs) I can offer a client because I am not only combining all of my expertise but also delivering amazing services of lightwork to you. The appreciation and gratitude I have for you to allow me to hold space for you as begin your transformation drives my commitment to you. The sessions in this personal program include light bodywork that can and will be provided on an individual needed basis. This package can be bought multiple times.


I would love to hear from you. If you are interested in any services, please just contact me by email Services include but aren’t limited to:
-Functional Training
-Crystal Consultation
-Crystal Healing
-Sound Meditation
-Myofascial Release
Thank you for your time to read this information. You can always reach out through my email to have me answer any questions you have. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

You can fill out the New Client Survey HERE. 

Please sign CONSENT FORM if you are interested in any body work.

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