Q- I am a healer who comes on contact with many low vibrations emitting from hurt people everyday. My life’s work is to help them heal but I find myself energetically drained after working on so many people every day. It’s all worth it but how can I support my healing energy without sacrificing my quality as talented healer? 
I understand the chakra model and how it affects the emotional body of ones mind-body-soul balance. I like to use tools to help charge each center. I found this super unique chakra stone set of the platonic solids. All of nature is made up of these shapes. This set combines the scientific with the artistic representation of these shapes.
Wearing an oil is like imagining a shield between you and your clients to avoid energy attachments. As a healer you should ground yourself before you work. I suggest a clearing of energy when you feel overwhelmed or energetically drained. Like after your a business trip or high stress. I have a few suggestions.
To help ground your energy. This oil is just an example of some of the magical blends Sage Goddess has to offer. This set comes with and Orange Argonite to support lower chakra work. image7.jpeg
To wear and protect your healing energy. A piece of jewelry over your heart space can act as a healer to your heart. These prehnite stones are known as the healer stone, healing the heart of the healer. Even just carrying a tumbled stone in your pocket can help.
These Mugglestone palm stones are beautiful and perfect to have in your pocket or meditate with. They contain a mix of 3 different lower chakra stones to help ground.
To cleanse your space of any energy you might of carried home you should smudge. This kit offers a variety of tools to get started. There are many pieces to the kit which allows for one to experiment with what resonates with the beginner the most.
To cleanse your aura you should try bathing in a salt bath. The salt used holds a vibration and aroma that will rinse away what energies have attached to the healer and rejuvenating a healers healing energy.
To support a your own knowledge in how to use specific gems for healing or ritual, there are online classes. I am taking these magical courses that goes in depth about the uses of stones in different ancient cultures. I will be certified as a Holistic Healer after a year. The courses include gems, incense (aromagic) and sabbatical (meditation). Here is June’s Gem kit for ancient China. So cool!
As a holistic healer you’ll have the ability to do just this. You too can help support your clients energetic wellness by suggesting products and classes to help support their transformation. This is better then having clients suck more from you then they need to. They too can learn how to support their energy. I fell its just like suggesting links to magical tools in a normal conversation. I think of it as pre shopping for my clientele. I will earn a small commission so that it comes full circle and I can exponentially help more people by providing stones. Here is the link to more information.

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