Question: What stones and techniques can I use to help me with sleep? My young daughter keeps waking up at night and I’m suffering from sleep deprivation!
When I work with my stones I let the process be a very natural and intuitive. I learn to bond with my stones it what best way suits the energy and what feels right. I cannot tell you exactly how to create this bond with your stones because everyone is unique with their own energies.
I understand your need for sleep. I am right there beside you with this topic. I identify as a conscious parent and have always have consideration for the emotional needs of my daughter. I feel that she has an active dream state that causes her to stir at night to the point of needing comfort. We love to cuddle and this has caused me to form habits with my daughter that are hard to break. As new moms we are doing deep inner work to understand how to better all of our lives. We are constantly putting our needs last. Like sleep. I know that one day I will look back at these moments, sleepless nights and remember not having a full nights rest for two years as part of the bond that my daughter and I have. What I can consciously do to help support myself and my family I place crystals in a patterns ( in a grid, or placed strategically in the home) intended to help her sleep.
There is not a one way to grid. You can customize any grid and work with whatever calls to you.
Below is a Sage Goddess video on how to grid by Dr Athena owner of Sage Goddess.
I would suggest Sodalite for your babe and some of the others for you and your partner. The other two are very powerful.
Amethyst and rose quartz are very soothing to grid with too! You can use a rose quartz generator to invite love into the space.
More about gridding. image4.JPG
I hope this inspires you! I can always chat about crystals. Let me know if I can peronally help you out. 🙂
Love and Light
Audri is currently getting certified as a Holistic Healer through Sage Goddess. If you are interested in learning more how you can deliver Holistic recommendations like what you just read, please reach out to me! I would love discuss your light worker path.  

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