Lighting in a Bottle 2018- My Higher Self

I would love to make this an intricate and photo filled blog all about my 7th LIB. I was just too immersed to even care about my phone, or lack of one. If I was writing this blog as a 25 year old me that first went to LIB I would be speechless and not be able to even predict where I am today because of my experiences. My second year I would be writing about how I hated how long the damn line was and the buzzkill about the cops. My third year I would say was hard but I was in the best physical shape of my life. My fourth I would brag about how Jameson hiked in and crashed the party. My fifth I was pregnant but blissful amongst the tree patch. My sixth I had baby Andi and felt the spark of a warrior momma igniting within me. As for this 7th year, I cannot express how much I’ve evolved and have made the lib ethos such a big part of my life.

As for those reading this that have never attended a transformational festival, be prepared for culture shock. Back in 2012 I admit that I might of been in shock that I had stumbled upon humans in such bliss. Adults laughing, and playing like big kids was such an infectious happy vibe. I wanted to become that, but how? I had met both of my siblings at LIB that year as a mini reunion. We played like big kids and it was so freeing to my spirit that was being held down by many past traumas. It took me a while to find that feeling of bliss in my own life outside of the festival. I realized that I found that pure bliss feeling by doing yoga and riding my bike like I was a 12 year old girl in my neighborhood.

It took me until about the summer of 2014 when I realized I wanted to sober up a little from the party scene and get serious about my health and wellness. Every time I came back from LIB I felt stronger and leaner. Back then the food choices were strictly vegetarian, so naturally I leaned out after the festival. I began to experiment with food and my diet and fuel properly for my long workouts and bike rides. I signed up for triathlons to keep me motivated and focused. I unconsciously started to inspire others and then I became a Personal Trainer in 2013. As I was finishing my certification, I landed the best internship at the leading luxury gym chain, Equinox Fitness. I learned a Kinesiology degree worth of information and gained experience from the top names in the industry.

2015 was an interesting year because the LIB ethos began to influence my work motivation. I wanted to do my own creative marketing but felt it was a conflict of interest with the corporation I was employed by. I couldn’t mix what I was passionate about with the politics at work in the gym. For example, I‘m a talented swimmer, but I wasn’t allowed to market myself as that. I loved yoga and realized acrobatics was something I wanted to focus on in fitness, but that was too small of a niche and not profitable for the gym. That year I was let go. Do I blame my new found consciousness about how I wanted to live my life? No, with gratitude I blame the universe because more change was in store.

Continuing into the summer of 2015, after the LIB that Jameson snuck into, I fell in love. How could I resist such a rebellious, tell it like it is, and no bullshit kinda guy like him? That Summer and Fall, him and I began to volunteer for festivals in Southern California with RGX medical. He took me to Burning Man that year and we helped built a big art project. Jameson was who I needed in life because he put up with nothing that wasn’t fair and he helped me with a huge transition in my life. I only had the flow of the universe to go by. I had no job, I was trying to do my own thing as a trainer, I couldn’t stop hanging out and adventuring with my love, and we went to Burning Man. What a recipe for next level transformation. I was ready for change but I never would of expected what was next to come.

Jameson and I traveled out of the country together to Costa Rica, I PR’d a 10K and then did a 32 mile hike right before I found out I was pregnant. So fast forward past all the pregnancy stories because all what matters is how it all added up to this past experience at LIB. My daughter had a blast. I got to see the festival through my daughter perception. I mean could you imagine being this baby who can see energies and is un jaded to any negative influence? Think about how silly it is to see a giant blow up flamingo is the distance every morning, a man dressed up as chicken with waffles, light up totems dancing over the crowds at the main stage, mommy and daddy wearing costumes, and a plush sloth with sunglasses on the medical transport. Some of the most precious memories was when I was totally in the present moment with her. We spent time at the kid zone playing, petting a snake, eating popsicles on a giant blow up ducky, reading books and riding a mini kiddy cart down a ramp. No phone was out, I was just totally immersed and enjoying the laughter with my daughter.


Back at camp we had an amazing communal set up. We did lose another EZ-UP tent like back at Desert Hearts, but thank goodness it held up to the second to last day. I got to make new friends in camp and have meaningful connections with others. I gave out my healing gemstones to those who I felt needed the energetic support or healing. This was so rewarding and fulfilling. It felt so natural to discuss the significance of each stone and how it was going to help that individual. I feel that doing light work like this is my higher purpose and calling. I am living life through the lens of my higher self. As for any donations I received they just went back into the gemstone fund to help others. Speaking about donations, I finally donated all my old festive clothes, accessories and jewelry to others. I felt kinda like those special items needed to have more adventures. I’m happy that each item found a new home. It was also nice to have something all the little girls running around in camp to focus on instead of what the adults where up to.

So I don’t have much to say about who I saw live and who I raged to. That would of been 25-28 year old Audri. I love music and honestly if it wasn’t for my disappointed take on missing out on Coachella back in 2012 that urged me to buy a ticket to Lightning In A Bottle, I would of never of known that magic existed. Seriously the best decision I have ever made. The End!

Audri loves to share her festival experiences with her friends and family. She is currently working on many project including building a crystal consulting/good vibe business for her community. Feel free to reach out to her by commenting below. 

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