Bridge to Nowhere- Azuza, Ca

Hands down, The Bridge to Nowhere hike in Azuza, Ca is my favorite hike in Southern California. This trail has a lot of sentimental value because of its difficulty and personal victories both my partner Jason and I have experienced. I really can’t tell you how many times him and I have both hiked it including the times before we met. It’s a beautiful hike with plenty of crazy water crossings and sometimes problem solving. The terrain varies from rock hopping in the river to hiking in the direct desert heat. The river has plenty of cool pools to dip in and secret spots to explore. I recommend anyone to do this hike who wants a challenge or is up for a warm night out in nature.

I have my own personal history with this trail and how I have felt my strongest momma warrior goddess in the past. I backpacked for an overnight stay during pregnancy, brought our baby Andromeda when she was 5 months and now at 15 months. We got plenty of backpacking outdoor adventures  with her during my postpartum C-Section recovery period which in itself was victorious. This time I had to let her daddy carry her in. There was a moment of bittersweet feelings when we realized this might be the last time we are able to do overnight backpacking with her. She’s growing too big! She is our precious cargo and most important. Overnight backpacking with her will need to be the most minimal gear, and even that might be too much. We will be exploring a little differently now since our baby girl is growing. It’s just parenthood maturity, we just have to adapt. Jason and I know that we will be adjusting how we do adventures, but it doesn’t mean less of them.

Jason also has had his own history with this trail. Prior to this hike, the last time he attempted to stay overnight a rockslide broke his leg. This horrific incident happened in July of 2017 during a time when I was across the country. I got home to see my beloved in a cast and so sad. He is very strong willed and we made it to our planned destination in Oregon for the Solar Eclipse. It was tough but he healed up and we modified our adventures for a few months. He has me 24/7 who is a professional personal trainer and I am still dedicated to helping him. With a care and constant rehabilitation and activity built into his (and mine) lifestyles he has recovered over the last 8 months. He challenged himself mentally and physically and spiritually during this backpacking trip. He had visualizations of the trauma as we hiked into the canyon. I’m sure more decompression from this weekend will be required to help him understand the difficult task he completed willingly and courageously.

The stars during the New Moon this past weekend were bright and vibrant with a few satellites passing buy, and shooting stars played tricks on our eyes and mind (was that a UFO!?). The constant stream sounds throughout the night whas soothing and meditative. If you ever spend the night outdoors in this area, a fire is not recommended, so we went to bed after some star gazing. We woke up to a happy and rested baby who was ready to explore. We occupied our little human and were on our way. We completed the hike exhausted but victorious.

Get to the Bridge to Nowhere this summer! Make sure to stay hydrated and to bring nutritious snacks. Follow @TheAud_Mom on IG to see more #AdventuresofAndiSage

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