Andi the Festie Babe- Envision 2018

2 years ago in 2016 before parenthood, Jason and I were inspired to travel to Costa Rica to attend the arts and music festival Envision with our beloved Medico Familia. During the 2015 festival season, which included my first Burning Man, I became more of a participant in festivals than an attendee. I believe that together we have an underlying greater purpose to help people and to seek adventure. This purpose has kept Jason and I traveling volunteers for the RGX medical team. The amazing humans that come together and serve the festival community are especially magical. RGX and Zendo aim to keep attendees safe and psychologically sound so they can possibly have a transformative experience. The friendships that I have had developed over the years and the magic we have nurtured keeps me volunteering and coming to these types of festivals. The art and music is just a bonus. My Familia de Medico is a safe haven and full of love for each other and what we do for our community. So fast forward to now. Here we are in 2018, with our 14 mo old daughter traveling to Envision. This is her 5th transformational art and music festival (not including the various festival-like gatherings or while in my tummy). Andromeda is truly a festie baby.

Like I had mentioned in the last post, we had planned for our traveling days the best we could, but really had no idea how it would all play out. I must mention that part 1 of our trip went better than I could of dreamed. I just knew that if I kept positive and open to the challenges upon achieving part 2 of our adventure; we would get to our destination along the coast by the evening.

This was a day of bus rides. We started our journey to Envision from the jungle in the middle of the country. Thank goodness for Jason’s key sense of direction. He was able to modify my original plans and find an alternative route that would save us so much time and anxiety on the crazy bus we originally took to get there. Unfortunately we didn’t know or realize that there was about a mile and a half hike all uphill with all of our gear. We were greeted by a nice lady who we enjoyed chatting broken Spanish to. We caught our bus to Quepos and were on it for 3 hrs!

I had planned on using public transportation throughout our adventures because not only was it affordable, but because I didn’t want to drag a car seat throughout the country. I made myself comfortable to be able to hold Andromeda. No car seat was necessary as we traveled through the countryside, and small towns. It was nice to relax on a charter bus and gaze out the window. There were pineapple 🍍 fields and palm tree 🌴 farms. We were so glad we didn’t drive.

3 hrs from the lady on top of the hill with empanadas, we arrived to the pacific coastal towns of Costa Rica. We stopped in Quepos were we hustled to do banking, gather sand toys, get food for camping, diapers and any other supplies for our week camping at the festival. No pictures were really taken (except for wild turtles 🐢) during this time transition time because we were in GO mode. My momma MIND powers were in overdrive. I was again so thankful of Jason’s super daddy MIND powers to be able to find our bus to Uvita.

We were more than half way through our traveling day as we were about to wait in line for our last 2 hr bus of the day to Uvita. I’m sure the bus is usually only locals, but this day was different. We thought we were early but we found that the line was full of other festies with all their luggage. Wow. What was about to happen was such a momma moment. Andi had 💩 right before we needed to load up. I didn’t want to leave our luggage or our space in line. It was hot, sweaty, and just muggy and if I had to change a poop 💩 diaper in the bus 🚌 I would be hated 🤢and possibly get some people sick. As much as this gave me a rushing sense of anxiety and panic, I took a deep breath and surrendered. Without sounding panicked I communicated with everyone and swiftly took my babe to the restroom to change her diaper. Miraculously I got back in line just in time to load up and find a seat. Jason and I were able to sit together and keep babe happy. The bus was a frikin sauna! It was packed to the max with festies and locals. But because I was practicing my breath work and my I intuitive feelings, baby fell right asleep… In a clean diaper. People next to me enjoyed my hand fan as I kept Andromeda cool.

We hoped off the bus just before Uvita where we able to check in and meet our medical team lead, Wolverine… Yes, his name is just that. And yes he’s just that badass saving people’s lives. We love Wolverine and I am honored to be part of his team of medical gypsys. Seriously, a team of volunteers, like us, will travel across the world to be part of his team of healers. Everytime we get to build a medical camp, magical things happen. This is my 4th season doing festivals as a medical volunteer, and I’ve met some very special people that mean a lot to me, Jason and Andromeda.

We were escorted to our medical camp right past where Zendo and the Herbal Medicine were placed. We plopped down our gear and unpacked and set up our tent for the night. We quickly realized that Daddy didn’t fit in the tent. We had discussed this detail before our trip and we just couldn’t bring the extra tent that could’ve been potentially compromised. I love and appreciate Jason so much for his attentiveness to Andi’s and my comfort. So I was able to surrender. I honestly forgot all about that and Jason took charge of our sleeping arrangements all for the sake of Andromeda. She, like all of us, was adjusting and vocalizing how she felt. A cool shower before we layed down under the palm trees where we could clearly see the Costa Rican night sky. I just fanned her until we both fell asleep.

We woke to Howler monkeys 🐒 as the sun was rising beyond the palm trees. The monkeys were right over head as they migrated away from the waking humans. It got hot quick! We needed to get out and on with our day.

We had a whole day to explore the festival grounds. Nothing was going on inside the festival. The beach was where all the fun was at! There were vendors and local food. We sat in the cool shade and Andi played with sand.

Andromeda suddenly knew what she wanted to explore next…

She literally took off running. No time to put on a bathing suit and swim diaper. I had a streaking baby! We played in the waves of the warm Pacific Ocean. The water was so beautiful! I really had a moment to be thankful for the experience I had, I was having and will have soon. Pura Vida!

I was watching the artists finish their installations and adding the last details.

Andromeda was the official comfort specialist of Zendo. This was before they were open for the first shift. Jason needed to move our tent somewhere that the potential rain wouldn’t flood and where we could have shade. He was being proactive and needed to handle the camp set up. By this time Jason’s super dad mindset acquired a tent for our stuff and where he could sleep. Andi just kept cool and continued to acclimate in Zendo.

After this first day of prep and chores around camp, we headed to the beach again to enjoy dinner and the sunset.

So the next day the festival begun and this was the last time the morning would look like this. This was the market place. Where you could eat, drink and shop. In the distance you can see the Village Witches area. There they had everything from tonics, essential oils, healing arts, and lectures from everything from herbs and Holistic health to psychedelic science. The witches also worked alongside our medical tent to offer Herbal clinic healing and holistic remedies to treat everything from bug bites to colds.

Here is the medical team at Envision 2018. Andi and I aren’t pictured. She was napping with me in a tent within the festival. We missed the meeting… oops 🙊

Here are some Andromeda highlights amongst the art and foliage of the jungle. This was most of our fun. Exploring with Andromeda Sage. She’s our jungle babe!

On our family date night we explored the gallery. Here is an amazing representation of the Oregon Eclipse festival that we attended back in August. This was a once in a lifetime festival where people gathered from all over the world to celebrate the celestial event. The artist is Amanda Sage. It was so nice to look at this piece and reflect how much that festival both changed Jason and I.

Andi’s daddy and I took turns over working the medical tent and hanging out with her. I got to attend many workshops about harnessing superpowers. We covered ourselves in cooling mud to give us protection from the sun and to release internal heat.

Andi was making baby friends and new friends that she seemed to already know! I was able to network with other Momma healer goddesses from across the 🌎 world. I gifted flash tattoos and business cards with a peacock feather sacred geometry tattoo. If you got one and are reading this please reach out! I would love to hear about your Envision experience. I wanted to genuinely connect with some women because of a shared smile. If you’re a Momma it’s because I believe we are raising conscious children. It’s important to have a sisterhood to support one another.

I got to listen to some great speakers as we escaped the heat under shade. Andi would just fall right asleep while I fanned her.

The weekend was coming to an end. I worked on the last big night into the sunrise set of Random Rab. I was able to take a break and go dance and take a selfie with these amazing ladies.

Much much more happened after this moment of bliss. Because of the nature of this post, I would like to keep the situation private and confidential. I thank everyone for acting out of love. We are a tight team and everyone is supported MIND-BODY-SOUL.

Ways that I personally kept balanced MIND-BODY -SOUL was not documented through pictures. I listened and attended lectures, experienced art, and connected with others. To me this meant my MIND and network was expanding. I didn’t get to do as much yoga as I would of liked to. Instead I had to focus on my BODY’s nutrition for both me and my daughter. I was allergic to about 75% of the food vendors due to high chance of contact to nuts, and coconut. I could feel that I was losing weight and fat quick with the my limited diet of empanadas, bananas and fruit, beans and rice. While breast feeding and dancing I was feeling the energy drain. As my BODY was weakened my SOUL was lifted as I met wonderful and magical people. I hope that our friendships grow. I happened to buy an Ametrine, which is a mix of Amethyst and Citrine, that resonated with my aura. This stone had an intuitive spiritual personal meaning to me that will continue to reveal more as I have it in my possession.

On Monday I got us up and out of the tent. It was time to pack up and Jason needed to catch a bus to the nearby beach town of Dominical for our car rental reservation. I warned him about it being a stick shift car. Manual cars are the norm in Costa Rica. To say the least, I’ll say there was definitely a learning curve. This was the first and only car we would rent during our Adventure. We made it out of the festival just in time for Andromeda to peacefully fall asleep in her car seat. Air conditioning on full blast. Onto the next part of our adventure.

Remember how I said traveling days were underestimated? That would be an understatement for this part of our travels. Andromeda was peacefully sleeping as we drove carefully through winding roads and fog. An estimated 4-5hr drive became 8hrs. We were safe in our car. That’s all that mattered. Next stop was the cloud forest of La Fortuna.

If you would like to follow more of my adventures you could connect with me via Instagram @Caligypsea or @TheAud_Mom. You can click on any hyperlinks to read more of the backstory or to be linked to my affiliate Sage Goddess. If you have any inquiries about Festival volunteer opportunities contact me! I would love to hear from you!

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