The Lessons of Pura Vida, the Pure Life.

I am back from the jungles of Costa Rica. Three weeks of backpacking with my 14-month-old on my back. I have always been a doer and not a writer. So as I speak this post keep in mind that I can only express about 20% of my experience. Most of it is intuitive, empathetic and very personal deep growth for myself and my little family. I’m writing this almost as a record so that I can understand how I grow from experiencing true Pura Vida.

Costa Rica 🇨🇷 2018 was a three-week adventure during the end of the dry season. It was a international backpacking scrimmage. There is much more to come for Andromeda, Jason and I. My life mission and my highest calling is to travel the world, gain wisdom and to help others transform mind-body-soul. I also want to understand more about how universal energy flows and it’s is a sensitive yin and yang balance. I am a new mom and so many of my current experiences are stemming from a mom’s point of view. If anything I hope I can entertain. At the most maybe that you gain insight about yourself. I can only preach what I practice, as well as practice what I preach and through speaking my experiences I hope to somehow resonate with you.

I would like to introduce a Costa Rica series in my blog posts about how I managed to balance mind body soul. This has always been my platform. As I further evolve I am always seeking to balance each pillar of my being. I’m speaking this to help prepare myself for the weeks of growth to come. I noticed during the last six months how much blogging is not only therapeutic but engaging. I can reach many of my friends all at once while living an active life of adventures as a Momma. This might be one of the only ways I stay in touch with many of you within the next few years as I do begin to travel longer and farther from Long Beach. I might sound like I’m getting ahead of myself but I do believe that with the collective conscious of my partner and I am we can do anything we set our minds too. All we want is pure life.

Costa Rica was not without its challenges.I did a miraculous job at planning but not for some of the surrendering I had to do. My body worked very hard to backpack as well as adapt to a whole new diet. My spiritual strength had to support my partner and baby. As I decompress in the next week or weeks, or months, I will revisit each pillar and explain how pure life helped me stay balanced and empowered to do what others would think was crazy!


Stay tuned… Pura Vida!

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