Level Up Magically✨ in 2018

Do you believe in magic? I’m not talking about Harry Potter or sinister type of magic portrayed in TV and movies. I’m talking about the type of magic that makes you feel all warm and happy inside. The type of magic you feel when synchronizing events seems to good to be just luck. The type of magic that connects the inter webbing of our souls as a collective conscious. The type of magical power of intuition that you have to feel if something is off or wrong, or maybe really good! Whatever way you strengthen you magical powers either by meditation, ritual or prayer, it is a personal journey in understanding your spiritual needs and managing life’s stresses. Regardless of your belief system or religion, spirit is real and the modalities we use to access this realm are highly personal.

As a personal trainer and a life coach I have always used the model of balancing your mind body and soul. When we take time to check in with our trifecta balance of what make us, you, unique; one might find that a third might be needing attention. I have specialized and been certified in optimizing my clients ability to focus on their body and health. I can also help coach ones mind by educating them on how to maintain this balance while understanding scientifically and creatively how to within their lives. My clients usually see a huge boost in their confidence and their spirit becomes brighter. But how does one utilize this increase of positivity in spirit?

So to begin chatting about how to utilize your generated positivity you first have to understand that everyone has an spiritual energetic field around them, similar to the vibe you send out to others. I like to say that a happy spirited person radiates bright colors and a sad depressed person is very dim. I like to make sure my clients radiate with positivity after a session. This type of positive energy can influence those around them which makes my job so rewarding! On the flip side of the spectrum, I coach dim energies to manage their negativity or stresses so that they can attract more positive energy in their lives. So how do I coach such a personal topic?

I had said that spirituality is deeply personal, and everyone has a different upbringing of what that means to them. As a practitioner of health and wellness I have learned that instead of diving into the deep waters of someone’s spiritual history or inquiring about their magical abilities, I encourage meditation. Meditation is a neutral suggestion to manage someone’s stresses or to gain insight about themselves. If someone uses prayer, this could also be a form of deep meditation. I educate the chakra model of varying colors to help someone understand their energetic centers so they can visualize themselves in meditation. Whatever personal revelation that my client comes out of meditation with could be a game changer in their life. I just hope that I can positively influence and coach them so that they can maintain happiness and continue to progress towards their fitness goals and in life.

I usually stay in the neutral zone during conversations about spirituality or when someone is spiritually weak. But once in a while I feel I’m called to share some personal practices or rituals that help me maintain my positivity and spiritual well being. I view my aura, my energetic field, my vibe as a bright spectrum of color that is able to influence everything around me. Personally, I utilize gemstones and meditation to help charge my energy centers and recalibrate my vibezzzzz. Call me a hippy, a gypsy, a mystic or witch, but I feel I can connect to my higher self, my soul, by being in nature, through the stones I bond with, the phases of the moon, and through essential and aromatic oils. There is so much to discuss on this topic that I’ll have to write another blog post, but I’m telling you… These ritual practices keep me doing what I do best, and that’s being happy and the ability to keep pouring my soul into my passion of helping others. I couldn’t imagine myself being the dim lit person of my past anymore. It’s because of this dark history that I began to actively understand what type of spiritual nurturing I needed to thrive in such a negative world.

This past year has been one of the most spiritually challenging years ever. Being a new mom and being attentive to my daughter has been what I have pouring my heart and soul into. I do have clients I care about and have time set away to train them regularly, but being a mom is full time. I needed to nurture my spirit even when my go to method, working out vigorously, wasn’t physically possible. Instead I found myself chasing the eclipse, following the moon phases often, meditating and setting intentions and watching them manifest in ways I never thought possible. I have definitely leveled up and I have never felt so confident in my magical abilities to create what I want in life. This is all possible by keeping my mind-body-soul balanced. I really I have bonded with some powerful stones that have helped me process my emotional energy. I have been so confident that magical gemstones have found me to pass on to others. I even have been teaching my daughter about how to hold crystals and letting her absorb their vibrant colors and energies. I take her to magical shops like Sage Goddess to see all the stones and feel the positive energy. She’s a rainbow of an aura and so pure. I just love sharing pretty things with her. I’m able to be a conscious parent because of my rituals to cultivate positivity.

So finally, I’ll revisit what I asked, “How do I coach someone on such a personal level?” and “How to utilize the positivity.” To answer the first question, I would have to say I acknowledge, validate, and empower one to take charge of their energetic field just the way I would with their own physical fitness. Secondly, utilize positivity to influence those around you. The power of attraction, like attracts like, is definitely a universal rule to manifest what you want (another future post). To my clients, I offer advice and sometimes suggest tools or mini rituals to make one feel in tune with themselves and the universe. My advice would be to meditate, and use magical tools. Tools could be as basic as holding a beautiful stone, shell or burning of Sage to help you energize a specific chakra. It’s all very personal, and I acknowledge, validate and empower you to discover what works for you. May it be a smudge stick, a deck of angel cards, a crystal wand, a candle or a amethysts… I am here to say it is ok and absolutely magical to nurture your spirituality. It will make the world a better place. One soul at a time!

Do you practice any mini rituals in life that make you feel good and connected to your higher self? How do you nurture your true self? Have you always felt connected to the greater mysteries? Let me know!

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