Aquatics With Audri


It’s hot outside! Wouldn’t a cool refreshing dip in the pool be a great way to workout? There isn’t much else to consider when you think about a fun workout in the pool. There is no need for fitting workout clothes, having to wipe sweat from your eyes, or having to limit movement because of any past joint issues or injuries.

The pool is a great way to gain fitness throughout your daily life and performance goals. An aquatic  program can help one work through limited movement patterns. Seniors with aging joints find great success in the pool. The resistance of water helps high performance athletes gain cardiovascular fitness. Triathletes find it’s refreshing to increase their VO2 max in cycling in running when they become a better swimmer. Some clients of mine have had traumatic instances and want to overcome their fear of swimming with my empathetic but firm guidance. I have the knowledge, trained eye and experience to help anyone willing to work towards a goal.

Pool at Equinox West LA.

So what do you need to get started?  I’ve compiled a list of basic aquatic equipment. Click on an item to learn more. 

  • Sports bathing suit – It is best if you have both 1 and 2 piece options. Swimmers are known to have unflattering tan lines. If you tan well even after sunscreen then it’s good to have a sports bikini option. When it’s bright and sunny outside I wear my 2 piece that is reliable and can stay on.
  • Swim Cap– There are all types of swim caps. Depending on your hair type, amount and cap preference, the selection can range from rubber, silicon, or cloth.
  • Swim Goggles- The selection is widely varied. You might have several pairs before you find your preference. Unless you are using a snorkle, use competition goggles. Recreation goggles don’t hold up the same and aren’t as comfortable.

A gym or public pool will sometimes provide the following items. 

  • Kick board- For isolating the lower body. Allows for someone to concentrate on a kick pattern. Is also used for resistance in water aerobics and Aquatic Pilates.
  • Water Dumbells– These are used to create resistance during water aerobics , HIIT and Aquatic pilates.
  • Noodle- “Al Dente” types of pool noodles are dense but flexible. It is good to have 2 available. Used for resistance during pilates and for core activation.
  • Pull Bouy- Used to isolate the upper body during swimming. Useful for stroke specific drills.

The following item are useful for beginners, rehab and injury management. 

  • Belly Float Belt- For the beginners that have a difficult time balancing in the water while floating. This is used to help activate core muscles in order to learn how to swim.
  • Resistance Bands– These bands are great for warming up the shoulders as well has aiding in corrective exercises to help with preventing or rehabilitating an injury. Bands for the legs can also be used for rehabilitation purposes.
  • Lacrosse Balls– These are used in the pool to help work out any consistent cramping or tension in the feet, legs shoulder and any other trigger points.
  • Fins- Those who are learning how to swim will greatly benefit with allowing more power for kicking.

The following items are recommended for performance athletes. 

  • Hand Paddles- Used to create more resistance during the pull portion if the stroke. Audri might recommend stroke correcting paddles if necessary.
  • Correction Bands- Helps add resistance while correcting the kick portion of a specific stroke. Allows for forced activation of the glute medius, which can also aid in injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Swimming Belt- Can be used to do running drills in the pool, and continuous laps.
  • Sports Watch- This is a necessity if you are training for a major event. A watch with programable workouts, and can store data is vital if you are trying to improve swim speed.

Carry all of it in a swim bag and make sure to bring your water! See you on deck!

Contact Audri about Aquatics Here.

Aquatic Program Pricing can be found Here.  

Body by Audri is an Amazon Affiliate. Recommended items are linked to where you can purchase it directly. Check out all of Audri’s recommendations for sports equipment here.


    1. Hello Judy! Thank you for your questions. The suit I have picked is just a standard suggestion. You are welcome to search for other similar suits in your size. Suits for exercise and movement or competitive swim shouldn’t create drag and be one size tighter.

      The dumbbells should come in a set. I have chosen a brand that offers 3 types. Pick from either medium or large or both. 🙂 It’s nice to have an assortment, but not necessary. If you happen to search others, the sizes and shapes are different. The ones I picked are standard.


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