Body By Audri 3.0

Here I am at yet another crossroads in my fitness career. I feel like I have done everything in fitness I’ve wanted to do… so far. During my career I worked for a luxury corporate gym as a swim coach, personal trainer, and triathlete. I’ve trained clients in and out of gyms from the age of 10-85 years old. I helped a private crossfit gym by working minimum wage while writing up essays for blogs and working social media. On my own time I would pick up my own clients from referrals, my own marketing and social media. What has stayed consistent throughout my career has been Body by Audri. I had my Facebook account Body by Audri since before I finished my first Personal Trainer certification!


Body by Audri was this fun concept that was tossed around by my friends at work. It stuck. Maybe it was the bod-eee by Aud-reee sound, or what I stood for, training Mind-Body-Soul. When conversing with others my favorite topics were chemistry and biology, fitness and wellness, clean nutrition, holistic practices backed by science, and festival hippy gypsy fun! My new image, Body by Audri 1.0 was going to be what I found interesting, informative, inspirational shared with others. I hoped to create a community online through my Facebook page, but I found that it wasn’t how really wanted to go about it.

I went through a huge phase during my time at the corporate gym when I couldn’t have a conflict of interest. I didn’t want to raise suspicion over the fact that I wanted to advertise my services unless it was going to benefit the gym. The gym felt limiting in my personal creative endeavors. At the time it was ok because I didn’t have time for anything but the gym, 14 hrs a day. But when I began to feel confident in my abilities as a trainer, it showed in my attitude. A great thing for me as a person, but difficult for management to keep an eye on what I was doing. I got fired, and so I continued my own soul searching.Equinox Made Me TRI banner.jpg

Body by Audri 2.0 was all about challenging the idea of what someone SHOULD do to gain fitness. I was finding myself having a ton of fun using flow props during festivals, why not start a community around that?! It was a great idea, and I had fun finding new and exciting ways to get fit. I utilized yoga, rock climbing, acrobatics, silks, hoops, fans, great music, and of course created great intensive core workouts. I was working at the crossfit gym and using the gymnastic rings, while trying to promote the gym. I had even applied and got an for an internship for Fembody Fitness so I could train ALL THE TIME.., but really, what time!? I was training acrobatically a ton already. Then I got pregnant, and I was sick… ALL THE TIME!





How do I reinvent myself over and over again? This was going to plague me as I was carrying the little baby in my tummy. I knew that as long as I worked out as much as I could; which, believe me, wasn’t nearly as much as I had been; I would be in good shape to pop the baby out when the time was right. I knew that sharing my pregnancy journey would keep me motivated and inspire others. I was that lady at nearly 6 ½ months pregnant doing inversions. The universe throws some gnarly twists of fate and I ended up having to have an emergency C-Section. I found myself gain back the weight I lost as I recovered because of lack of activity. Everyone reminded me that I had a major abdominal surgery and to not be so hard on myself. My internal question was “who am I, if I’m not able to workout?”. My answer came to me as I realized, who “I am”… I’m a momma warrior. I will get my health and fitness back on track. (this is going to be a future post story)

So nearly 6 months later, I am here… Still here. I’m still Audri and I still have my passions in helping other achieve amazing things. I love tapping into that deep part of who they are so they can shine as bright as can be. My new logo identifies me and my purpose as best as I depict it. The human body has the capability to be a full rainbow of energies. You can achieve this by balancing and nurturing your Mind-Body-Soul. I educate scientifically backed information, and fitness knowledge so that you can educate yourself about how to live more brightly, radiantly. Nutritional science, Physiology, Biology, Cell biology, Botany, Chemistry, Quantum Physics, Physics… all of the universe is whithin you, me, them… and its time to tap into your own power. I will build a customized method to help clients achieve the best results.




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